Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Say the words ! (GODOGOOD) Pay it forward !@#

"Giving a new idea life"

Some say, ... it is difficult, ... it can't be done, it is impossible !
I say : I can, I will, I shall, .... therefor I AM !

I SAY - I KNOW ...

It is a way of how we look at the moment and the experiences we are in.
It is the way we talk about the people around us.
It is about the way we act and react.

So what is the reason for the things we dream of ?
Why are we in sorrow ?

When will a change be possible and in our own hands ?

So many questions. In our road to the awareness of OUR STATE OF BEING.

Remember Maslov's theories

Hierarchy of needs ?

The only thing you need in life is :

- food

- sleep & shelter

- people to communicate with & to create with. Family, Friends, Lover, ....

*- all the extra luxury and activities are on a higher need,...
but less important levels.


Thursday, January 13, 2011

You will meet a tall dark stranger

You will meet a tall dark stranger

Unhappy in her marriage, Sally develops a crush on her handsome art gallery owner boss, Greg (Banderas), while Roy, a novelist nervously awaiting the response to his latest manuscript, becomes moonstruck over Dia (Pinto), a mystery woman who catches his gaze through a nearby window.

Follows the (almost-married/divorced) couples,
Alfie (Hopkins) and Helena (Jones), ...
and their daughter Sally (Watts) and husband Roy (Brolin), as their passions, ambitions, and anxieties lead them into trouble and out of their minds.

maybe we all lived a life before this one ?
One thing is sure, we all make a pursuit for our happiness. With or without a partner, married or devorced, writing novels or creating art, searching for it is the main reason why we do what we do.


The way back

The way back
18:45 Tushinski

IMDB ?  http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1023114/
Siberian gulag escapees walk 4000 miles overland to freedom in India.
The cast is a clever mix of seasoned pros & relative newcomers.

At the dawn of WWII, several men escape from a Russian gulag.
The film details their perilous & uncertain journey to freedom,
as they cross deserts, mountains, & several nations.
In the time of war, WW2, Poland,
Betrayed ? Judged and stabbed by law ?
captured by Stalin or Hitler, communism,
slavery-camps, criminals and poor people,
a team to escape ? Janusk finds his group.

Snow, a plan, ransom, Valka and a knife, a Stalin tatoo, ... .
From camp into a snow-storm-forrest, passing the lake, wolves, crossing the dessert in sands and sahara-land, a well, drought, a snake, the Chinese wall up to the himalaya to Tibet and into India tea-and freedom.
Janusk arrives in Poland and meets his wife again after the war.
Janusz, Valka, Andrei, Zoran, Mr. Smith , Lazar, Shepherd

La doppia ora

La doppia ora

Samuel Goldwyn, Medusa, Indigo,...

A hotel-room, a cleaning lady,
a television still on, a window, a jumper.

A blind-date-roulation in a restaurant.
Non-alcoholic Guido meets Sonya, 23:23
make a wish.

Guido and another women having sex.

Sonya and her female college chat.

Guido and Sonya walk and talk, Dante greats Guido, Sonya and Guido smoke a joint, talk about the police.

They drive and listen music.
Go to Guido's security-job, walk through the forrest, they kiss but are over-ruled by robbers/thiefs.
Guido Vitale gets shot fitally to the death.

Sonya is marked on her face, but also marked psychological.
She drops a 220 Euro bottle of perfume.

14:14 a clock, a security tv screen, Sonya thinks she saw Guido. In bath she frightens after hearing noise. She is traumatised. The phone, Guido's voice ?

Sonya checks the security-cam's at the hotel, visits a doctor, talks with her collegue,

Bruno insist, Dante insinuates ?,....

In her own house she hears & sees Guido.
She smokes stressed while listening to an audio-tape.
Follows an Easy&Fast easyandfast.net car.
Hits Guido and they kiss.
Buenos Aeras ?

She imagines he visits her, 05:05.

In the swimming-pool Dante stalks Sonya.

Margarita the organisator of dating died.
Bruno drives Sonya after an emotional burst, he drugs her, puts her on a plastick in the woods, burries her alife ?

She wakes-up in a hospital and sees Guido, ... . The truth comes out.
Sonya had a coma.
From hospital back home.
Dante tells Guido the story of Sonya.
Sonya calls her father.

Marisha tells the truth about Sonya.
Guido makes (standing-) love with Sonya.

A news-paper, Guido with no job, coffee, a small present (a necklege).

Guido listens with a microphone while Sonya talks to her secret lover.
The last escape ?
Ticket nr 2020 .
A picture, zoom-in


Let me in

Let me in

One nation under GOD.
The way it is ?

Murderers,Owen a boy threathened at school and buys a knife,

Blod in a bottle, a student killed at a railway-crossing and hanged up-side-down in a tree.
The bottle dropped by the killer.

A rubiks cube, neighbour-kids,
Abby a girl bare-feet in the snow. cold ?
A passenger in a tunnel.
The girl kills and drinks the victims blod.

The father - moves the body.

The cube made perfect and placed in the snow with white side on top.

Owen bullied by 3 boys in the school-toilets beaten with a stick and lying about it to his mother.

Abby tells Owen to hit back harder than he dares, stop them....

After schools strenght training and Mr Zoric.

Owen steals money from his mother.
Plays Ms Pac man. Abby and Owen talk.
Candy gum, Abby tastes one and vomits.
The two hug.

The father / killer in the backside of a car, a plastick sack on his head, lying on thre floor,... A kill at the tankstation.
Unexpected scenes, drkving backwards.
An accident ?
The man mincked his own face with acid burning his identity.
Los Alamos Hospital. The 10th floor.
Two faces at an open window,
Thre girl drinks her fathers blod.
He drops down 10 floors.

Owen needs to say that Abby can come in.
They decide to go steady, but she tells him that she is a nothing and not a girl.
Writes ,,i must go and live or stay and die''
Skating on the ice, a stick, Owen hits his threathening school boy,.... Same moment,... A dead man in the ice.

Forensic research at Abby's house ?
Conflict and issue after issue.

Owen practices his strength at the gym,
the relation with Abby grows,....
A kiss, a hiding-place, and then...
Owen cuts his finger to make a pact, Abby goes mad for blod and runs away, attacks the neighbor women with her dog.

Owen calls his father and cries.
Owen visits Abby, ,,can i come in''
Abby tells she needs blod to live.
Owen scares from a few pictures.
,,we can't be friends''

The neighbor women eats her own blod and burns while the nurse opens the window-curtens and the light sets fire to the body.

Abby enters Owens house, but needs to be invited, her head leaks blod until Owen invited her.
They hug.

Some music, his mothers old dress,
they laugh at the window when Abby hides for his mother.

Another note from Abby.

A policeofficer breaks in the house.
Bathroom and attack.
A last kiss with blod.
A taxi drives Abby to somewhere,..

At the swimming-pool, a fire,....
A 3 minutes underwater thread,
saved by Abby. A blod-bath.

A run-away-train.
Eat some now save some for later,,


Saw 3 3d

Saw 3 3d
1245 ,....

The clock is ticking,
watch@scene 's with people and motives.

An interview with immunity ?
Jill tells a story, Mark Hoffman a suspect.
Evidence for protection.
Jigsaw versus S.U.R.V.I.V.E. Experience.
Bobby Dagen after blod and being reborn.
A real story or PR stunt ?

Remember saw 1 and 2.

The murderer can only kill a person once.
Jill's nightmares are daily.

Evan the only one capable to rescue others ? A choice to dead ... .
A car, stuck to a chair, how to stop ?
A fatal disaster, shocking deads.

Cindy's story, after abuse - freedom.
Choose to live.

The best things after - perspectives.
Camera's and sharing experiences.
Being good and strong together.
Courage versus shame and scars.
Bobby introduces his wife Joyce.

Eating an apple at the mortuarium ?
Crime scene investigations.

Why display a setting so horrible ?
Forensic issues.

Bobby back in a Jigsaw setting.

Joyce captured, a choice to save her or to die in a cage painfully.
The sequal shows no remorse.
A bloody horror time ticking thread.

Jigsaw survivors come forward ?
Perspective on life or selling a story ?

A new game, crazy / insane ... .

Jill in a safe-house.
A carbomb explodes.

Detective Gibson and the dillema,....
Jill's dead or everyone's.
A publicist chose to speak no evil.
Silence versus decibel exposure.
A chord in a throath setting, fatal.

John at a signing session,

Bobby's story and lies are revealed.
Self-respect bh commitment ?

A lawyer chose to see no evil.
Have what it takes to help !

Fatality leads to face the facts and feel the fear change into unbelieve and hate or understanding and respect.

A best friend, knowing the problem.
Acts to hear no evil, no sight, no floor,
chained to his neck. Fatal after a key dropped while throwing too high '?'

Bobby's loved ones die one after one.
location CrossRoadsManufacturing.
Tv screens, Jigsaw's explanations, sacrifices, watch and learn experiences.

Police shot, a mortuarium attacked,
a murderer lose.

Bobby needs to hurt himself to help others,....
Gibson versus Hoffman ?
A door lock 4 digits on Bobby's teeth ?
Blod and pain,

women symbolises succes,
honor love, survive again.
4 minutes before the END ?
Embrace the past,present and future.
Reveil the truth. Make it right !

Bobby climbs bur falls ? Fatal ?
Hoffman kills everyone, Jill stabbs him.
Joyce gets burnt, Jill gets slaughtered.

Bobby is out of control.
Jill's head explodes, Game over ?

John Kramer versus Max Hoffman ?
3 pigheaded attackers, ... .
Dr Gordon, and .. SAW 4 ?

Official sites

The Green Hornet - 2011 - Movie release. (Cameron Diaz) & more.

The Green Hornet, 1100 de Munt Pathé.
Cameron Diaz, ... .
Columbia Original Film.

Another super-hero film ?

Superman doll, a newspaper, Britt, another schoolyard fight, always failing boy ? An angry father, 20 years elapse.
Chudnofsky threathens a drugsdealer.
A great introduction, Danny Christal Clear,

a gun with two barrles, a better name ? How to become cooler. Briefcase kaboom.

Seth)never stop the party - on a crazy party, a black hummer, a garage full of sport-cars. A hot chick Anne Lee, coffee, pops angry again.
,,stay out of the news''

papparazzi, James Reid dead, a media empirer goes from father to son.
From a white house to a black coffin.
A statue to remember the businessman.
The Daily Sentinel, a 45 year experience from father at the company.

No Kato, no great coffee, un-fired.
A high-tech coffee machine, ... .
Sit with me, tell me your tail.
From garage to top-function.
Something cool, cars with polycarbonat.
Ben Hur car with wheels reload after getting shot and flat tire. Great drawings.
Unbotteling 2 beers at once.

Britt loves to do something nuts.
Unheaded his fathers statue.
Then tries to fight a gang and save someone.
Helping isn't his strongest point

Kato fights with super-technics,....
A red flash on every weapon.
Chased by policecar, .* crash.
The greatest moment of his life ?

We could be heroes,
don't waste our potential.
Fighting crime and live as heroes ?
Seperate thoughts, invisible lines.

Lenor Case, the new secretaress,
studied criminology, conglomorat ?
The next move ? More power.
From temp to perm sec in 1 sec.
A great adventure starts.

Kato creates guns and explosives, a hornet on the car, a logo, a brand, ..
2 masked men in black, a black beauty ..
A car with lp-player (gangster paradise)

sec. Case sends mail with predictions to the car-printer.
The Green Hornet burns a druglab.

gh@greenhornet.net visitcard

Chudnofsky is mad and wants revenge.
A serious matter, the news, the story.
Britt Reid outro ? GH intro !
Fighting violence, shooting camera.
Kato's Shon-Di present, pimped ?
11 days later, a 2nd BBcar.
Lenore asks Kato for a date.

Mr Reid is disappointed.

Playing piano....
Lenore and Kato talk,
too much attention.
Who is independent ?
The big boss is angry.
The first gh@

thunder strikes lightning, a bad plan,
3 trucks, burried alife.
Kato presses buttons and safes the day.
Hero and side kick ?
Egomaniac versus a great parntership.
Funny fight-scene.
The drowning in the swimming pool.

Kato fired, Lenor fired ?
From 1 to 12 screens search for the GH.
7 dead people in green.
Crime war or isolated event ?

A theme, a motive, Bloodnofsky,
a red mask, scared ?
Chud@cementforce.com , split L.A ?

Kato checks mail, Lenor back at the office.
Britt Reid a target ?
Benjamin Chudnofsky and team wait for The Green Hornet.
Apitoxin by the DA Scanlon ?
A flashback scene with clue's.
The good guys versus the bad guys.
The cars special features, drive or die ?

Red versus Green. Green versus Red.
Shot in the left shoulder, a remake and accident ?
The face back on father Reid's statue.

What's next ?